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Why Alphix

As cookies are being phased out and privacy regulations are becoming stricter, marketers can no longer rely on cookie infrastructure for their analytics. We estimate that an average of 40% of traffic is not being counted due to consent denial and browser support. This affects analytics and ad tracking data which results in companies making business decisions based on misleading data.

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Part of the Fundamental Group, Alphix Solutions was founded to ensure that marketers have easy access to real-time data and insights on their campaigns, website traffic and audience engagement. Our aim is to dramatically reduce complexity by connecting data sets with tools to facilitate the marketing choices that drive long-term business success.

Since its first deployment in late 2020, our cookie-less identification tool, The Delta Tag, has already won several awards, including Best Solutions Provider at the 2021 The Drum B2B Awards, Best Use of Marketing Technology and Data at the 2021 Investment Week Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards, and Best Use of Data Analytics at the 2022 Financial Services Forum Marketing Innovation Awards.

Our leadership team

Angus Maclaine

Strategic Advisor

Andrew Chesney

Global Head of Media and Analytics

Darren Plimmer

Managing Director, Alphix Solutions

Harry Kempe

Global Director, AMX

Vincent Hooplot

Strategic Advisor

Chris Stapleton

Technical Advisor

Robyn Capps


Clare Frith

Legal & Compliance

Oli Knight

Product Lead

Andrew Hunt

Engineering Lead

Amin Soleimani

Data Science

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